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SRD is very proud of our students who have come into their own over the years.  Check out their success' and come join us in rooting them on at the track!


"Steve Setzer taught me the sport of race car driving and how to tune my car to improve speed and performance.  His one-on-one instruction advanced me from a novice 14-year old driver to racing on my own.  Today, I qualify, win and place at tracks where the competion is at a high level."

"It's alway fun and exciting to learn from Steve.  He has plenty of energy and is always willing to answer questions."

"Performance Concepts Iowa (now Setzer Racing Engines) builds all of our engines, from stock motors to high performance super motors."

--Thor Anderson

BELOW:  Driver Brian Gibson preparing to practice for the Modified Feature in the 17 car.

Ben Glascock suits up for the 2012 Oktoberfest Sportsman Feature while the Pit Crew does their final checks. 

Pit Crew include (l-r): 

  • Gunnar E. (pit-man-in-training)
  • Craig B. (the 'tire man')
  • Steve Setzer (spotter & crew chief)
  • Dave & Diane Glascock (car owners).

  Please contact us to receive more information about our driver development program.


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